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Falkan Consulting provides IT support in Melbourne and hosting capabilities via the cloud to some of the most recognizable companies in Melbourne & Australia. Our certified IT professionals provide the most comprehensive IT support services to ensure that your IT systems meet your business needs.

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Why Choose Falkan?

Our team located in Melbourne IT helpdesk knows that IT difficulties and downtime can take a toll on daily operations of your business, so we ensure we make your needs our first priority. We will find the right solution that suits your business and help you get it wherevever it needs to be. IT support services Melbourne provided by our friendly helpdesk team who understand the importance of the availability of your IT systems to your business.


The Falkan team uses new ideas and approaches whiles working with your IT device thereby offering the best solutions. New technology deployments are proposed to our clients after our continuous research and investigation of fresh tech innovations in IT industry.

Peace of mind

Our team consists of highly qualified IT consultants that are experts in their field. You can be assured that when our technicians work on your equipment, you can concentrate on your business rather than the technology that powers it. We are equipped with excellent IT experts who are capable of solving your everyday IT issues, IT infrastructure relocation and cloud migrations at a minimal to none interruption to your business or its operations.

Customized Services

At Falkan we aim to minimize your expenditure while maximizing the performance of your IT equipment. Our team has the ability to adapt as well as customize to different needs of our clients. We understand that every business is unique and different to one another therefor the IT services and solutions also require customized unique approach.


Our goal at Falkan is to collaborate with you and your business to amplify your business growth with the help of latest technology. Our excellent IT support Melbourne technicians are dedicated to help you transform your business to reach the highest standards by improving your IT systems, tools and devices.

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IT Support Services Melbourne

IT Support Melbourne & Maintenance

Falkan Consulting provides managed IT support services and hosting capabilities via the cloud to some of the most recognizable companies in Melbourne & Australia. Our certified IT professionals provide the most comprehensive IT support services packages to ensure that your IT systems meet your business needs.

Our managed IT services and outsourcing capabilities allow Falkan Consulting to either completely outsource your IT management and IT support requirements or integrate your current IT staff into ours. Our flexible and customizable managed IT services have earned us a reputation for being an industry leader committed to providing the highest operational and service standards.

Read on to find out more about our world-class managed services and cloud capabilities and why they are your best option.

Falkan Support



Dedicated and trained operators based in Australia

Falkan Consulting’ Helpdesk can be accessed by Toll-free numbers and is serviced by dedicated and trained operators based in Melbourne, Australia. The Helpdesk uses a three-tier remote support structure to quickly escalate and resolve hardware, software, and network issues. Help could include a simple phone Q & A, a remote login or extending to one of our local Service Agents visit on site.

Network Monitoring

Falkan Consulting uses advanced IT management systems to proactively monitor your server and IT infrastructure 24 / 7. Constant network and systems monitoring enable immediate alerts to critical faults and detailed IT infrastructure reporting for network visibility.

Preventive Maintenance

Falkan Consulting’ approach to maintenance has an emphasis on preventative measures to reduce corrective and overall maintenance costs,and minimise the risk of unexpected issues and downtime. Our Preventative Maintenance schedule focuses on keeping equipment working, extending equipment life, and increasing system uptime. With Preventative Maintenance, we give clients greater certainty and operational control.

Corrective Maintenance

With our local Service Agents around Australia, Falkan Consulting offers its clients the assurance that a site support specialist is always available if the unexpected occurs. Falkan Consulting is committed to offering a reliable maintenance service in the shortest possible time, with minimal labor and materials, and with the inclusion of measures to prevent any failures from recurring within a reasonable period.

Falkan Managed Services


Managed Services

Falkan Consulting provides IT managed services and hosting capabilities via the cloud to some of the most recognizable companies in Australia. Our certified IT professionals provide the most comprehensive IT support packages to ensure that your IT systems meet your business needs.

As a leading managed services provider (MSP) in Australia, we appreciate the fact that each business is unique. We work diligently on developing a deep understanding of your business and becoming an integral part of your team.

Our strong foundational skills include servers, networks, applications support and much more. This allows us to provide excellent service on a wide spectrum of projects from routine maintenance to major fixes. We are a client responsive company that fosters a rich and continuous strategic partnership with your business.


Cloud Services

The cloud capabilities we offer at Falkan Consulting allow us to offer the highest quality IT services to our clients. By successfully integrating world-class cloud capabilities into our services we can provide you with superior support and value at a lower cost.

Here are just some of the benefits that our cloud capabilities can offer you:

Centralized Management

Centralized Management

Cloud technology helps us deliver high-quality service by providing a centralized management system. This leads to improved performance and security of business applications as well as enabling remote access for users across the business, regardless of location.

Self-service portals for customers

Self-service portals for customers

With web-based portals, customers have access to view system, bandwidth, application and performance data and much more. This helps improve the response time and efficiency levels for MSPs

Secure Virtual Servers

Secure Virtual Servers

Falkan Consulting has several virtual servers built on the VMware platform. This enables us to provide a highly-secured and cost-efficient service whereby clients are only charged for the resources that they require at the time instead of being charged a flat rate regardless of resource usage.


Migrant Information Center - Managed IT Services

I have written only a very small number of reviews on Google and when I do, it is because I am highly disappointed or, completely blown away. In this case, it is the latter. In an industry full of sharks, companies like Falkan Consulting are rarer than Californium ($27 Mil per gram). Nigel Harbridge (GM) at Falkan is one of the most authentic people I have worked with in my entire career and his attitude towards his customers is a breath of fresh air. This is a company that genuinely cares about their customers. They do not see dollar bills when they look at their customers but rather see people who need support. Falkan Consulting is deeply passionate about resolving customers' issues. They go above and beyond to make it happen. Money is not the main focus. Services like these should be highlighted and if you are looking for a company to handle your IT, I highly recommend Falkan Consulting. You will be in good hands.

Randika Wijesinghe
Data Management Coordinator / Migrant Information Center
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Deployment Services - Consultation

Falkan Consulting begins any project with a consultation process to determine the scope and objective of works, forming a comprehensive project management plan. The consultation process enables Falkan Consulting to advise on the best solutions for software and platforms, hardware configuration setup and components for media PCs, screens, networking devices, and deployment practices, while also considering ways to reduce overall costs.



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