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Falkan Consulting provides IT support services for the greater Melbourne area. We specialise in the small to medium business sector which allows Falkan Consulting to provide a high level of service to our clients in various industries.

IT support services Melbourne

Why Choose Falkan?

Our office borders the Port Melbourne and South Melbourne areas providing a great location for coverage throughout the greater Melbourne area. A large percentage of our clients are Melbourne based, however, we support our clients all around Australia. Our certified IT professionals provide comprehensive Melbourne IT support services to ensure that your IT systems are maintained to meet your business requirements.


Falkan uses new ideas and approaches while working with your existing IT infrastructure offering you the best solutions. New technology deployments are also proposed to our clients after our continuous research and investigation of fresh tech innovations in the IT industry.

Peace of mind

Our team consists of highly qualified IT consultants that are experts in their field. You can be assured that when our technicians work on your equipment, you can concentrate on your business rather than the technology that powers it. We are equipped with excellent IT experts who are capable of solving your everyday IT issues, IT infrastructure relocation and cloud migrations at minimal to no interruption to your business or its operations.

Customized Services

At Falkan we aim to minimize your expenditure while maximizing the performance of your IT equipment. Our team has the ability to adapt as well as customize to the different needs of our clients. We understand that every business is unique and different to one another therefore the IT services and solutions also require a customized and unique approach.


Our goal at Falkan is to collaborate with you and your business to amplify your business growth with the help of latest technology. Our excellent Melbourne based IT support technicians are dedicated to help you transform your business to reach the highest standards by improving your IT systems, tools and devices.


Migrant Information Center – Managed IT Services

I have written only a very small number of reviews on Google and when I do, it is because I am highly disappointed or, completely blown away. In this case, it is the latter. In an industry full of sharks, companies like Falkan Consulting are rarer than Californium ($27 Mil per gram). Nigel Harbridge (GM) at Falkan is one of the most authentic people I have worked with in my entire career and his attitude towards his customers is a breath of fresh air. This is a company that genuinely cares about their customers. They do not see dollar bills when they look at their customers but rather see people who need support. Falkan Consulting is deeply passionate about resolving customers' issues. They go above and beyond to make it happen. Money is not the main focus. Services like these should be highlighted and if you are looking for a company to handle your IT, I highly recommend Falkan Consulting. You will be in good hands.

Randika Wijesinghe
Data Management Coordinator / Migrant Information Center
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