Why Choose Falkan?

Our team knows that IT difficulties and downtime can take a toll on daily operations. At Falkan consulting we ensure we make your needs our first priority. We will find the right IT solutions to suit your business. Our IT specialists help you get your business wherever it needs to be. With a wide range of IT services and solutions provided by our friendly Melbourne based helpdesk team who understand the importance of the availability of your IT systems to your business. We are capable of improvising according to your IT requirements to bring you the best end user experience.


The Falkan team uses new ideas and approaches whiles working with your device thereby offering the best solutions.

Peace of mind

Our team consists of highly qualified consultants that are experts in their field. You can be assured that when our technicians work on your equipment, you can concentrate on your business rather than the technology that powers it.

Customized Services

At Falkan we aim to minimize your expenditure while maximizing the performance of your IT equipment. Our team has the ability to adapt as well as customize to different needs of our clients.


Our goal at Falkan is to collaborate with you and your business to amplify your business growth with the help of latest technology.

Set your business up for success.

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