Working From Home

Falkan Consulting have much experience with configuring and maintaining work from home solutions for our clients.

Working From Home

Some of the technologies used to deploy work from home solutions are:

  • Remote Desktop Gateway
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • Cloud based file sync services
  • Office 365 Suite

Choosing which method is best for your business depends on what you are currently utlising within your organisation. Secondly, we look at what is the best fit for your current and future needs.

With the recent development of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Falkan Consulting are here to assist you with a solution to ensure you have a business continuity plan in place for handling working from home, and keeping your essential services running for your customers.

Apart from the usual requirements around accessing emails, files, and proprietary or specific applications, Falkan Consulting recommends looking into solutions that may not have been on the radar prior to recent events.

Some of these include teleconferencing, chat, collaboration, cloud pabx, and project management tools to make a distributed office environment work effectively.

Office 365 provides many tools and applications that are highly suited for working from home, remotely, and in highly collaborative work environments. Please read through our Office 365 Solution for more information on what is available within this set of tools as it is a comprehensive and cost effective solution for most small to medium businesses.


Working from home IT Services